Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell

Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell

Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell
Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell

Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell

Alternatives to Cat Litter That Do Not Have a Smell . When it comes to odour management, traditional clay cat litters are not very effective at all. Unless you enjoy the smell of cat urine, living in a small house with four cats and using simple clay litter is not a nice experience. However, if you do enjoy the scent of cat urine, you could enjoy this situation. I don’t.

It is not an option to use clay litter that clumps together. Clay made of bentonite clumps together because, when it becomes wet, it hardens into a substance similar to concrete. It is possible for cats to suffer deadly blockages of the gut and lungs if they lick bentonite off their paws or breathe in the dust. Clumping cat litters have been responsible for the death of whole litters of kittens as well as the deterioration of many cats’ health and even the loss of their lives. The extraction of clay from quarries for use in kitty litter also results in a significant amount of damage to the environment.

Clay’s many drawbacks inspired me to look for a better alternative for my cat’s litter box. It was necessary that:

fragrance-free due to the fact that the chemicals used in fragrances are harmful to both people and their pets.
clumping that is either gentle or non-clumping
A surface that would be appealing to my kitties.
Affordable to a reasonable degree
Note that all of the following litters, with the exception of one, are currently available at Petsmart:

I experimented with using the litter made of alfalfa pellets. OK odour control. My cats had a strong aversion to the way the pellets felt in their mouths, thus they refused to eat them. Ditto with wood pellet litter.

The previous report stated that the product had absolutely awful odour control, that it remained wet and mushy, and that it needed to be replaced after two to three days. It’s just as horrible as clay, except for the damage it does to the environment.

ExquisiCat Crystals: (Plus) Silica beads give exceptional odour control. Nice reusable plastic containers that are long-lasting, keep their contents dry, and are simple to clean.

(Minus) It’s expensive, some cats don’t like the texture, and it’s difficult to sweep up the beads. You will spend the remainder of your life treading on sharp, pointy beads that will cause severe pain to your bare feet.

The Flour Sifter: (Plus) The texture of this treat, which was made from wheat bran, was a big hit with the cats. Fantastic odour control, flushable soft clumping, and extremely long-lasting effectiveness. It works well!

(A subtraction) Fairly high in cost. It brought up allergic asthma episodes in one of my cats, and I suspect it was the cause. As soon as I switched to a litter made from pine, his asthma symptoms completely disappeared. It’s possible that his sensitivity was triggered by the fungal mycotoxins that are found in wheat. I would have never given the problem of mycotoxin a second consideration if it weren’t for the fact that my cat had become allergic to it.

Corn Litter, for example The Best Cat Litter in the World: Have not tried them, and have no intention of doing so. Mycotoxins are found in high concentrations in corn.

Wood pellets that have been kiln-dried and do not contain any unpleasant pine or cedar oils can be purchased from LuvLitters at their website, (Another plus) It controls odours extremely well, it lasts a very long time, it’s easy to scoop, and it doesn’t become wet. Price is fair considering how long it continues to work.

(Minus) Not available in the immediate area; purchases must be made online. There are some cats who, at first, do not like the sensation of the pellets, but when the pellets have been broken down, they are OK with it.

This one earns the gold star according to the ExquisiteCat Advanced Scoop Paper Formula! It has the appearance and texture of clay. Excellent odour control, very lightweight, and exceptionally long-lasting. The clumps are simple to scoop, and the price is really reasonable. The kitties really adore it, and so do I. Very strongly suggested!

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