Cat litter brands affect litter box habits.

Cat litter brands affect litter box habits.

Cat litter brands affect litter box habits.
Cat litter brands affect litter box habits.

Cat litter brands affect litter box habits.

Cat litter brands affect litter box habits. . If you have a cat that does not use her litter box, it is possible that the type of cat litter that you purchase for her is the cause of the problem.

Cats are picky about a lot of things, and the type of cat litter that you believe she will enjoy may, for a variety of reasons, wind up being something that she finds offensive instead. If she does not like it, your cat will let you know in the only way she knows how: she will stop using the litter box. This is the only method she knows will attract your attention.

There are so many different brands of cat litter available that it might be difficult to pick. Some are designed with consideration for people. These varieties typically include perfume or some form of scent that is pleasing to you and to me, but may not necessarily be appreciated by the cat.

The ability of a cat to smell is far more acute than that of a person. It’s possible that your cat will find the aroma of the cat litter, which is meant to be appealing to people, to be quite irritating. If her sense of smell is assaulted, she will avoid going near the litter box for the cat.

If you have reason to believe that your feline companion does not enjoy using her litter box, this might be an easy issue to resolve. For instance, if you consistently provided her with a brand that she loved, but you chose to switch brands, she may stop using the cat litter box if the new brand does not satisfy her standards and she does not like the new brand. In this particular circumstance, you should revert to the prior brand of cat litter.

It may feel like a loss, but if you consider about how much money, time, and stress you will save by not having to clean up cat messes, then everyone comes out ahead.

You may have been forced to use a different brand of cat litter because her preferred brand is no longer commercially available. If this is the case, you should give her a variety of brands that are comparable and see which one she prefers.

The following is a simple method for putting several types of cat litter to the test in order to win your cat’s approval:

Place two cat litter boxes in the room. It is recommended that you use a different brand of cat litter in each box. Keep the boxes where they are for the next three days. Examine the results of your experiment to see which of the boxes received the most deposits. If one of the boxes was chosen more frequently than the other, you have a winner. It is possible that you may need to carry out this test more than once before your cat will acknowledge that you have succeeded.

If you find that you have numerous bags of cat litter left over after doing your tests, you can give them to a local group that helps rescue cats. They are open to accepting strays of any breed for their rescued cats.

If you’ve switched brands of kitty litter because the one you used to buy at the pet store closest to your home stopped carrying it, you might want to try driving to a different pet store that’s a little further away. The key is to get a big quantity of bags in advance so that you can limit the number of times you have to make journeys to the store.

Cats are finicky and demanding animals. Since humans don’t speak meow and they can’t talk, cats communicate eloquently (according to the logic of a cat) by shocking and unexpected behavior. It is up to us humans (isn’t it always?) to interpret our cat’s needs and worries into language that we can understand.

We can figure out and fix a lot of issues with the cat’s litter box if we pay attention to things that have happened in the past, including replacing the cat’s litter brand.

Nancy was able to eliminate the smell of cat pee in her house while still retaining the cat that was the source of the problem. Find out how to solve your problem by reading the article “18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor Problems.”

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