Cats Versus Kids

Cats Versus Kids

Cats Versus Kids
Cats Versus Kids

Cats Versus Kids

Cats Versus Kids . Cats are wonderful pets because of their feisty independence and willful indifference to virtually everything they do. Cats are also good at keeping themselves clean. What else can engage with you on a daily basis while yet ignoring you on a consistent basis and still have that person adore them while they are doing it? My children are the first thing that comes to me when I think about this. With all of these parallels, I can’t help but wonder how one would fare against the other in a comparison.

1. The sound of a cat purring can calm most people. When a youngster is sobbing, all they do is glare in disgust at the child.

2. If you put a cat in a room by themselves for a week and provide them with food and water through the cat door, the cat will be OK. That shouldn’t even be attempted with children (though you may occasionally be tempted).

3. We admire the fact that cats have nine lives in total. The teenage years last for nine years, which is too long in our opinion.

4. A cat is cosy and will keep you warm. The gooey and sticky nature of children

5. If you’re having a rough day, you may shout at your cat (or in its general direction), and it will stare at you as if you’re an idiot and that will make you feel better. Scarring your children for life by yelling at them because of your employer is a terrible thing to do (sort of like leaving them alone for a week).

6. If a cat is missing for a couple of hours, there is a strong chance that it will be alright in the morning. In the event that your children go missing, dial 911.

7. It is OK for your cat to lick your face. The children are not.

8. If your cat jumps out of a tree, it won’t have any trouble getting back up on its feet and walking away. If your child were to fall out of a tree, the impact of their landing would cause them to shatter their feet (or legs, or arms, or wrists).

9. Your cat believes he runs the show, and he’s probably correct about that. Your adolescent believes he is in charge of you, and this is an issue that has to be resolved.

10. A cat will clean itself frequently even if they are not told to do so. Usually, kids won’t be able to accomplish it till they’re twelve or older.

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