Eliminating Cat Odor Problems

Eliminating Cat Odor Problems

Eliminating Cat Odor Problems
Eliminating Cat Odor Problems

Eliminating Cat Odor Problems

Eliminating Cat Odor Problems he addition of a cute and cuddly cat to any home is sure to bring delight. Unfortuitously, cats do not come equipped with the intrinsic understanding necessary to use a litter box. As the owner, it is your responsibility to instruct them. The procedure is often drawn out and causes a lot of frustration. To add insult to injury, it was a stinky one.

The majority of feline odour issues are not caused by untrained kittens or rescued cats that have never been socialised. There is no difference in a cat’s ability to scent-mark its territory based on whether it has been spayed or left intact. In addition, cats without claws are more likely to leave a smell mark than cats with claws.

Urine and scented spray both produce an odour that is disagreeable, which can be a problem for cat owners. Worse still, the cats have a knack for becoming inventive while they are marking their territory. Walls, doors, door frames, window frames, outside door thresholds, entrance ways, above and behind kitchen cabinets, behind baseboards, and on door trim are some of the places you might locate scented spray. Additionally, the unpainted bottoms of wooden doors are a common location for the accumulation of smell spray.

Urine and aroma spray scents aren’t very difficult to get rid of, despite the fact that there is a broad variety of potential issue places. Simply refrain from painting over the affected regions and make an effort to identify each and every problem spot.

Utilizing a black light is one of the most efficient ways to locate these locations. The phosphor salts in the smell spray will light up under the black light as a faint, yellowish-green mark that gives the appearance that the cat applied it with a squirt gun. This mark may be used to help identify the cat. To assist you in keeping track of all the different sites, affix a thumb tack approximately two inches above each mark that you discover.

Blend together one ounce of OdorXit Concentrate and fifteen ounces of water in a trigger spray container of 16 fluid ounces to make OdorXit Concentrate. Now use two to four pumps of the product to spray the areas that have been designated, and then wait for it to dry naturally. To get rid of these fragrance stains completely, it often takes two to five treatments spread out over the same number of days.

The urine remnant will no longer generate offensive odours after being treated with OdorXit Concentrate since the product neutralises the odor-causing residue. In order to completely get rid of the smell, it is necessary for this Concentrate to make direct touch with all of the cat urine residue. The majority of surfaces, including hardwood floors, sub-flooring, concrete, soil, gravel, fabric, clothes, and upholstery, may have the unpleasant odours generated by cat pee completely and successfully eliminated.

Utilizing OdorXit Magic is yet another method that may be utilised to get rid of the smells. This item makes use of a technology known as “gas absorption” to attract, capture, and remove scents of cat pee from the surrounding air. Spraying OdorXit Magic on flooring, carpets, upholstery, and the majority of other surfaces and materials causes them to absorb the gases (odours) that are coming from the cat’s pee. This process can last anywhere from two to twelve weeks, depending on the strength of the odour that is being created and the quantity of sunlight that is reaching the region.

One thing is certain, regardless of the OdorXit product you choose to use: your problem with cat odour will be resolved once and for all.

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