Help your cat get more exercise

Help your cat get more exercise

Help your cat get more exercise
Help your cat get more exercise

Help your cat get more exercise

Help your cat get more exercise . You are not the only one who needs to get some exercise; everyone else does too. Your cat’s general health might benefit greatly from regular exercise. Movement, particularly the sort that makes use of their hunting talents, may help them maintain a healthy weight and burn off surplus energy, which can be beneficial to both. Playtime is essential to their physical and mental health because it can help prevent mental health problems like as sadness and boredom, which can lead to more serious physical and behavioural disorders.
Your cat will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, engage in greater physical activity, and even have a little bit more fun with your assistance.

Aim to spend around ten to fifteen minutes at a time playing with your cat. They will tell you if they do not find it enjoyable in the event that they do. Put the toys away when they start to show signs of boredom, then give them some compliments and a few goodies.

Bring in some fresh new playthings. Feathers and threads are two of a cat’s favourite playthings, as you undoubtedly already know. However, you may keep an eye on them as they play to determine the types of toys that are most appealing to them. Experiment with a toy that is shaped like a bird, then a toy that resembles a mouse, and finally one that is shaped like a bug. The toy that she enjoys playing with the most might help you decide what kinds of toys to get her in the future.

Get ready to go in for the kill. When they are able to sink their teeth and claws firmly into their toys, cats feel an extremely intense sense of satisfaction. Allow them to do it, but be prepared to supply new toys and feathers when the old ones become worn out.

Include a few additional levels in your games. Invest in a multi-tiered cat tree and position it such that it is adjacent to an open area of the floor where your feline friend may run and jump onto the tree.
Get your pet a piñata. Batting items that are suspended in the air is a fun activity for cats. The presence of food inside will provide even more inspiration. In order to construct a piata, you will need a plastic container with a cover, such as an old yoghurt or sour cream cup. Make a hole in the bottom of it with your knife. Put a treat or two inside it, and then use a thread to hang it up in a spot where your cat can get to it. When it is struck in the appropriate manner, the sweets will fall out.
Put on a tail. If you slip a string or a long piece of fabric into the rear of your jeans, your cat will be able to chase it around the house as you move about. However, if you are not going to be overseeing, you should not leave the string out. If your cat were to ingest the string, it may potentially be fatal for them.

Take a hike. To walk on a leash is a skill that can be taught to cats, just like it can be taught to dogs, although it is better to teach them when they are still young. Outings in the fresh air are enjoyable for outgoing felines the most. Instead of merely a collar and a leash, you should use a harness instead. Make sure there aren’t any loose dogs in the area or anything else that may frighten them before you all walk outdoors together.
Remember to bring the lasers with you. Your cat may offer you with hours of enjoyment and, yes, even some much-needed exercise by chasing after a laser pointer. Take precautions to avoid pointing the laser directly into the eyes of the cat or anybody else.

Make sure to schedule in some time for play. Make sure that you and your cat enjoy some quality time together every day by blocking off some time in your agenda for playtime. Because cats are most active in the early morning and late evening, the best time to interact with one is in the evening or first thing in the morning. You could also build in a session of play before to their meals to give them the pleasure of the hunt when the cat “catches” their food. This could be done in a variety of ways.

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