How to Keep Your Cat Healthy – Playtime for Kitty

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy - Playtime for Kitty

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy - Playtime for Kitty
How to Keep Your Cat Healthy – Playtime for Kitty

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy – Playtime for Kitty

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy – Playtime for Kitty . Cats, on the other hand, are frequently left to their own devices, and if they are housed inside, they are required to devise their own methods of physical activity in order to stay healthy.

The domestic cat has evolved from a working animal into a creature of leisure in recent centuries. In the past, a cat’s primary activity consisted of hunting, and this helped to ensure that the household was free of vermin. The majority of cats in today’s world are only kept as friends, and they spend their days waiting for their loving human to come home. Even if you have a job that allows you to work from home, it is still crucial to make time to play with your cat. Her engagement with you provides both physical and cerebral stimulation, which contributes to the maintenance of her overall physical and mental health.

The time of day that you play will be determined by both your daily routine and the natural cycles of your cat. While some felines enjoy taking it easy first thing in the morning, others are raring to go as soon as they open their eyes. It’s possible that it will take some time before you can find a time that works for both of you. However, after you’ve identified it, you shouldn’t be shocked if your cat begins to anticipate playtime at that certain time each day. Cats are creatures of habit, and they experience the highest level of security when they adhere to a predetermined routine.

Spending time playing helps with some of the behavioral issues. A feisty kitty that has a pattern of biting her owner’s ankles could be calmed down by engaging in an exciting game of “chase the lure.” A healthy amount of interaction not only satisfies her demand for your whole attention, but it also reduces the likelihood that she may drape herself on you at an unsuitable time.

It is important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use plant fronds as lures for your cat when they are playing if you don’t want them to mess with your plants while you are away. The same rule applies to hands; if you don’t want your cat to jump on guests who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on, you shouldn’t use your own hands as a toy when you’re playing with her. When you buy toys for your cat, you should double ensure that any little parts are securely fastened before giving them to them.

The finest toys for cats are frequently homemade and require only the participation of the owner.

“Fishing” with a stick or a piece of string is by far my favorite activity. Pretend that the string or stick in your hand is a fishing rod and hold it above the head of your cat. Your cat will have a lot of fun jumping and hitting the ball, especially if you sometimes give her the opportunity to catch it.

A crumpled piece of paper is another one of my cats’ favorite things to play with. Even the sound of the paper appears to be enough to pique their interest. After demonstrating the paper ball to the cats, you should then toss it to them. Watch in amazement as they run around the room chasing after it.

Certain toys, such lures that are linked to string, should only be played with while the owner is there so that they may be manipulated. If you leave it set up for her while you are gone, there is a possibility that she could become entangled in the string, which might lead to her choking. There are a variety of engaging toys for cats that can play with themselves, such as a ball that moves down a track, that can be purchased at pet supply stores. These toys will keep your cat occupied and happy while you are not home. The purchase of a pet tree or condo for your cat is a wise financial move. Your cat will be able to satisfy her natural drive to follow prey thanks to the hiding holes and the many levels that stimulate climbing. There is no requirement that toy prices be high. Put a cat treat inside the tube of a toilet paper roll and tape it to the floor to make a fun puzzle for your cat to play with. Your feline friend will have a lot of fun attempting to extract the goodie from the tube.

Ensure that you do not lose your composure when engaging in gaming. If your cat starts to play rough, rub the belly of a stuffed animal on her stomach and swiftly remove your hands from her. This should calm her down. This causes her hostile behavior to be directed against the toy rather than toward you. Stop playing with her and walk away if she continues to pretend-attack you even though you’ve given her the toy to play with. Come return in a few seconds, and we’ll give you another chance. After some time, she will realize that you, not her, are in charge of determining the intensity of the game.

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