How to organise your cat’s litter box

How to organise your cat's litter box

How to organise your cat's litter box
How to organise your cat’s litter box

How to organise your cat’s litter box

How to organise your cat’s litter box . Is there anything that could be worse than when a visitor walks into your home and the first thing they say is, “Oh, you have a cat?” But the cat can’t be found anywhere, can it? Oops. That should serve as a warning that the litter box is not being kept as clean as it possibly may be.

People who come to our house for the first time are always SURPRISED when they realise that we have five cats. Because I’ve owned cats for more than 25 years, I’ve experimented with just about every method there is to simplify the process of taking care of them. Here are seven of my top organisational strategies for maintaining a clean litter box and a pleasant-smelling home with as little time and work as is humanly feasible.

If at all possible, install the litter box somewhere else than your personal bathroom unless you have no choice. The trash can be found everywhere. If you really must keep it there, invest in a kitty litter box that is completely contained yet features a door through which the cat may exit. However, they will track litter outside the box even when they are not there. This brings me to the next piece of advice I have.

My research has led me to conclude that the litter box is best stored either in a tiny closet that also houses cleaning supplies or in a part of the home that is rarely visited. In the event that there is a door, ensure that it is slightly ajar at all times. It is possible to prevent the door from being closed inadvertently by placing a lengthy object, such as a roll of present wrap or shelf paper, on one of the shelves. This works quite well. If the space is carpeted, you should line it with carpet liner made of plastic or vinyl. Or, even better, get rid of the carpet if it’s at all possible. If you can, go for a litter box that has high sides as well as a dome or cover over it.

Maintaining a clean surrounding area for the box should be done often, so have a portable vacuum ready. Place the vacuum cleaner on a shelf or wall mount it in the closet to keep it out of the way. You might also want to have a spare pair of batteries and a charger in a convenient location.

Put enough litter in your box to cover half of the bottom. People frequently make the error of not putting enough litter in the box, which is one of the most prevalent blunders. Cats prefer a litter box that is spotlessly clean, but if there isn’t enough litter in the box, they may go elsewhere. The situation will get even more unpleasant if they continue to utilise the box without adding more litter.

Take frequent scoops. Maintaining a huge scooper in a hanging position next to the box will make the work much simpler. Consider having a diaper genie on available for easy access when it is time to dispose of the litter. Having a holder for your grocery bags close at hand is another great time saver. Every day, collect the waste from the pets into a bag, double bag it, make sure it is airtight by tying it up, and place it in a diaper genie or a covered garbage can.

Maintain a paper towel roll and some cleaning spray next to the litter box at all times. Use a paper towel holder that screws into the door and hang the paper towels on the inside of the door if it is in a closet. If it is in another room, use a hook. You might also acquire a jar of wipes that pop up. I use the wipes to clean the floor surrounding the litter box and to spot clean the actual litter box in between cleanings. In addition, I use the wipes to clean the litter box itself.

Once a month, make sure the box is absolutely bare. Place all of the trash inside of one of the shopping bags you keep on hand. To clean the litter box and the floor around it, have some paper towels or a disposable cleaning product that pops up like Clorox Wipes on available. You may also use these. When you are finished, place the used towels or wipes in the bag containing the kitty litter, secure the container as tightly as possible, and then toss it away!

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