Pregnancy staging 

Pregnancy staging 

Pregnancy staging 
Pregnancy staging

Pregnancy staging

Day 16:-

-The uterus gets firmer and more tubular.

-The cervix gets longer, firmer, and rope-like.

Day 20:-

.-Palpation of embryonic vesicle (30 to 40 mm in diameter).

– Central bulge in uterus, usually at base of horn.

Day 28:-

-The embryo is the size of an egg Day 35 Size of a lemon for an embryonic vesicle.

Day 42:-

-Embryonic vesicle the size of an orange on.

Day 49:-

-Embryonic vesicle is the size of a grapefruit.

-uterine horns start to lose their tubular tone.

Day 56:-

-Embryonic vesicle is about the size of a cantaloupe; conceptus starts to take up almost the whole uterine horn and two uterine bodies.

Day 60 to Day 100:-

-The uterus gets bigger and starts to move over the pelvic brim and into the abdomen.
-Day 60: The foetus is between 12 and 15 cm long.
-Day 85: The foetus can be felt.

Day 120 to 150:-

-Fetus is easy to feel.

Day 150 – 210:-

-It’s hard to feel the foetus because it’s deep in the abdomen.

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