Raising a healthy kitten

Raising a healthy kitten

Raising a healthy kitten
Raising a healthy kitten

Raising a healthy kitten

Raising a healthy kitten . It is in your best interest to select your future pet from among all of the kittens in the litter. When making your selection, go for the rambunctious, active, and sociable cat who is self-assured and eager to approach you, rather than the one who stays back and is timid. The age of 7 to 8 weeks is the sweet spot for bringing your new kitten into the world. It is recommended by certain pedigree breeders that the kittens be kept until they are 12 weeks old so that they can receive their first vaccines. When picking for a new kitten or cat, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for, including the following:

It is important that the ears be tidy and free of any disagreeable odors.

Deafness is more common in white cats with blue eyes (all cats eyes are blue at this age) Put this to the test by generating noises that are outside its line of sight.

The eyes should be bright and clear, and there should be no signs of tears.

It is ideal to have pink gums rather than red ones, and your teeth should be white.

It is important that the coat be clean and unmated, and free of fleas and dry skin.

Examine the region under the tail; a healthy cat should not have any spots in this area.
Introducing your brand-new kitten or cat to your home.

For the sake of your new companion’s mental health, you should probably invest in a high-quality pet carrier before bringing it home. At first, you should wait for your new kitten or cat to emerge from its container at its own pace. It will require some time to calm down, so make sure it gets some food and some clean water to drink in the meanwhile. Also, ensure that it is able to find its way to its bed as well as its litter box, and then give it some space for a time. Make sure that children are careful and quiet around the kitten, since kittens require peace and quiet to sleep in addition to having laytime. Ensure that children act softly and quietly around the cat. It is in your best interest to keep your kitten confined indoors for around one week, to accompany your cat on its initial excursion outside, and to continue to go outside with your kitten for the subsequent several excursions. This will instill a sense of confidence in the kitten and make it more likely to respond when it hears its name being called. Make sure that you can ease your new kitten into the household by gradually introducing her to the other pets. Your new cat should get along pretty well with them. There are certain animals that will not get along with other pets at all; you should keep your kitten away from birds and tiny mammals since their natural impulses will take control. As soon as your cat has over its early anxieties, it will keep itself entertained for hours with extremely inexpensive and basic toys like ping pong balls, cardboard rolls, and little plush animals.

What Supplies Are Required for Your Cat or Kitten?

Bed: a cardboard box with a blanket or cushion inside makes a perfect bed for a kitten. As the kitten develops, you may want to locate a more permanent alternative, such as a wooden box or a covered bed. A bed: a cardboard box with a blanket or cushion inside makes an ideal bed for a kitten. When looking for a bed, it is important to remember that it should preferably be washable. You might want to keep this in mind. Position the bed in a hushed, draft-free, and warm area of the room.
Grooming tools: – When it comes to grooming any cat, having a brush, ideally one with natural bristles, is quite helpful. However, if your cat has long hair, you will also need a metal comb with wire teeth and a pair of scissors with rounded tips to cut out any tangles. Your pussy cats grooming equipment won’t be complete without a pair of feline claw cutters, though.
A collar or harness: It is recommended that your cat wear a collar that has an identifying disk attached to it. Elastic should be sewn into the collar in case it gets hooked on something when the wearer is climbing a tree, such as a branch. Some cat owners are able to train their felines to walk on a leash or lead while outside.
Toys: There is a wide variety of toys available for cats, which make it enjoyable for them to play and exercise, and which also provide stimulation. Catnip, also known as catmint, is a herb that has a calming effect on many felines and may be found in a variety of plush toys. This effect, which typically lasts for around 15 minutes, is thought to be temporary.

A surface for scratching

Scratching is a fun activity for cats. Scratching has two purposes: first, it maintains the claws tidy and trimmed, and second, it marks the cats’ territory, since other cats will see the markings and smell the fragrance left by the scratching. Scratching serves both of these functions. This odor is produced by glands located between the cat’s toes, and it is released when the cat scratches.

The most effective remedy is a scratching post; however, the cat will need to be trained to utilize it from the very beginning of their ownership. Avoid using a scratching post that is covered in carpet, since your cat can mistake the carpet in your home for an extension of the scratching post. Doing so will spare your furniture from damage. If the cat has decided that a certain piece of furniture is its favorite place to scratch, you may prevent it from returning to that spot by covering it with plastic for a short period of time. Plastic has a texture that cats find unpleasant.

A litter tray

When you bring your new kitten home for the first time, as well as if you want to keep the cat indoors at night, you are going to require a litter tray. Choose a dish that has a depth that is adequate for your cat’s needs as well as enough space for it to move about freely. There are many different kinds of cat litter available, so pick the one that is most convenient for you. A covered litter box is another good solution since it traps the odor and the trash within while also providing your cat with a more private space to use the litter box.

A Cat flap

Cat flaps are a fantastic addition to any home, since they provide felines the freedom to come and go as they want. However, you need to be careful since it’s possible that there will be more than one cat in here. Check out the several flaps that are offered, and pick the one that best meets your requirements. It is not difficult to teach a cat how to utilize a cat flap; simply start by propping the flap open and calling the cat through from one side before moving on to the other. When it has mastered this, lower the flap a little bit and continue using the same process; continue doing this until you can completely shut the flap.

Feeding your kitten

In order to maintain the same diet and amount of food for your pets, you should request a diet sheet from the breeder or pet store where you purchased them. This will prevent you from giving it an overly rich diet or an excessive amount of food, both of which can lead to stomach distress. You need to find out when meals are served as well.

Food and the act of providing it to your cat

Dry food, semi-wet food, and moist food are the three varieties of feline nourishment that may be purchased at a pet store. To maintain their health, cats must consume either meat or fish on a daily basis.
The majority of cats have a preference for moist food, such as the variety found in cans, since it is more similar to fresh meat. Additionally, it contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for the cat. It is preferable to remove the food after an hour if you want to encourage your cat to consume its meal in one sitting rather than nibbling at it throughout the day because canned foods do not stay fresh for very long once they are given.

Food that is only slightly moist will often be packaged in a sachet. A bowl may be used to store it without causing it to dry up or lose its texture, and cats enjoy the flavor it provides.

Due to the fact that dry food has very little moisture content, having access to clean drinking water is of the utmost importance.
You should try to feed your cat the same amount of food, once or twice a day, in the same location and at the same time every day. After an hour, remove the meal from the table and put it in the refrigerator. Your cat will become a healthier eater as a result of this, and they won’t spend all day picking at their food.


Round worms and tape worms are the two types of worms that infect cats the most frequently. Worming medication is required for cats on a regular basis. Your veterinarian will provide you with individualized recommendations on worming products.
If you and the rest of your family as well as the new member of the family follow these easy steps, you can be sure that the time you spend together will be joyful, healthy, and fulfilling.

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