The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs

The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs

The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs
The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs

The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs

The Presents That We Buy for Our Dogs . The person who first said “It’s a Dog’s Life” clearly had no experience with canines living in the 21st century. There was a time when the typical dog had to sleep outside, eat whatever bits of food were thrown his way, and count himself lucky if he got the occasional bone. Even more, it was expected of him to pay his own way!

The times have moved on. The prosperity that has spread around the world has now spread to our domesticated animals. Our obsession with ensuring the well-being of our canine partners, both physically and mentally, includes providing them with the appropriate accessories. To such an extent that many of us care less about our personal wellbeing than we do about the wellbeing of our dog. This did not take place in a single instant; rather, this pattern emerged over the course of several decades.

Take for instance my grandma Rose as an example. Rose and Henry’s first experience with cruise trips was throughout the 1960s and 1970s. During each and every trip, whenever the ship stopped at a port to “shop,” Rosie made it her personal goal to seek out strays and provide food for them. She would immediately go to the butcher, purchase a couple pounds of fresh meat, and then search the islands for those who were hungry and without a home. In spite of the fact that the inhabitants of those islands lived in abject poverty, she would scream, “It’s a crime the way these creatures live!”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to cast judgment on Grandma or anybody else, even myself. I take as much joy as anyone else does out of doting on my animals, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If I had to choose, I’d much prefer spend time with my dog than any significant number of the people I know. My closest friend and I have a really strong connection to one another. Hey, don’t deny it… many of you have the same sentiment, right?

The truth is that man and animals have always shared a special bond, and man has always cherished the company of domesticated animals throughout his history. It is widely held that keeping a pet not only adds a great deal of joy to the life of the owner but also has a restorative influence on that person. Pets may practically fulfill the role of children for people who have already raised their families or who have chosen to put off having children. Particularly due to the fact that they do not pass judgment on us, we form strong bonds with our dogs. Particularly dogs can provide the type of affection that is not conditional, which is something we all long for. They are always happy to see us, which is quite kind of us.

So how exactly do we pampered our animals?

Most likely in a manner comparable to that in which we indulge our offspring. A significant amount of money is spent providing goods and services that were formerly considered a luxury but are now considered vital. This is in addition to the amount of care and attention that is bestowed on the pets that live in the United States.

The modern dog goes for frequent checks at the veterinarian. She is currently enrolled in obedience lessons and also participates in agility training. In addition, she munches on gourmet doggy treats and consumes premium dog food. She has her own collections of toys, clothing, and probably even dog jewelry and canine fragrance. Her dog also has her own collection of toys. She has a cedar dog house that she uses as a refuge while she is outside, and she sleeps on a premium orthopedic bed indoors. When travelling in the family car, she always wears a safety belt, and when going hunting or hiking, she always brings along a fluorescent vest and rain gear. Even the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are no match for her since she wears doggy sunglasses. Her list of responsibilities is short.

I could go on and on (don’t worry, I probably will at some time!). The fact that we purchase presents for our dogs is, however, one of the clearest indicators that we consider them to be members of our family alongside the rest of us. A present for our dogs to celebrate the holidays, a present for them to celebrate a significant event, or a present for them to demonstrate how much we appreciate how much they appreciate us. To be honest, any reason will do. Heck, we even wrap our dog gifts!
The following information is comprised of some really interesting data concerning presents for pets:

More than half of all families in the United States have at least one pet, and many of those people include their “best friends” in their Christmas preparations.

* A poll commissioned by the retailer Pet Supplies “Plus” found that 97 percent of its customers plan to purchase presents for their pets over the holiday season.

* When it comes to buying gifts, 28 percent of owners will splurge more on their animals than they will on their partners.

* Almost half of pet owners will spend more money on their animals than they will on other family save their spouse.

* More than half of people (54%) will spend more money on their pets than they will on their in-laws.

* Eighty-three percent will wrap the gifts for their dogs.

* Sixty-eight percent of pet owners say that their animals will open presents with their paws on their own.

* Seventy-one percent will purchase something useful for themselves.

Getting presents for our dogs is only half of the fun we have with them. If we know someone who has a soft spot in their heart for animals, we frequently demonstrate our appreciation by giving that person a present that has some connection to pets. In addition, as the proverb goes, “love me, love my dog,” there is frequently the expectation that a little present be sent for Spike the dog as well. A simple coffee cup with an image of the recipient’s preferred dog breed may be the perfect present for a casual friend who has a soft spot in their heart for canines. A humorous present idea for a coworker may be a pair of golf club covers with cuddly dogs made of soft fabric. There is a possibility that Aunt Janine has a collection of dog figurines that you and I could add to. Or, on the opposite end of the scale, one may spend on a diamond-studded doggie-themed bracelet for the wife (although I wouldn’t advocate this as an anniversary present). Unless you’re verrry sure.) as well as a brand new home for Spike.

The good news is that there is no dearth of products and services that may pique the interest of even the most obsessive dog enthusiasts and consumers for dog gifts. And dog loving gift buyers. You will never run out of things to purchase or places to shop, regardless matter whether the people or animals on the names on your present list are human or canine. I am envious of you if you are one of those people that are naturally talented at giving gifts and are never stumped on what to acquire or where to locate it. If you’re more like the rest of us and you need a little help, you’ll find lots of ideas online (Ahem!). If you’re not like the rest of us, though, you won’t need any assistance. You may also look forward to other pieces in this series, in which I will focus on the different ways in which you can spoil and reward the dog lovers and pets in your life.

So go ahead and indulge your four-legged companions. Honor the love you have for your dog as well as the love that your sister in law has for her dog. Don’t skimp on the treats and presents for them. The canine way of life is… And if I do get to play again, I hope that this time I get to do it as one of those lucky dogs!!

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